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Table with plate and silverware

Lunch Seminars

IIDA/IDCEC approved for CEU accreditation
We make great efforts to educate our clients about the latest systems in corporate furniture design. WallGoldfinger has given hundreds of seminars to design firms for over 20 years. Our presentation is constantly being upgraded and provides a very detailed review of our latest work — integrating the latest communication technology into corporate furniture. To request a Lunch Seminar at your firm, please contact us.

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More Information

Arbor and Stone Tables Brochures

Specification Guides

These informative printed catalogs detail the many components involved in assembling sophisticated furniture requirements.

The Arbor Brochure fully describes WallGoldfinger’s unique line of light weight reconfigurable tables. Design considerations, finish choices and options are all covered in exhaustive detail in the publication’s 3rd edition (2009).

Released in November 2008, the comprehensive guide to stone table design considerations is a valuable resource for designers and specifiers. It contains a wealth of information on stone types, fabrication techniques, and design parameters.

Download both brochures, or request a printed copy from one of our sales representatives.

Arbor Brochure : PDF | 57.3 MB    Stone Brochure : PDF | 74.6 MB    Sales Representatives

Forest Stewardship Council Chain-of-Custody

Greening Up The Company Line

Since 2007 we have been certified to produce furniture made from well-managed forests, as an FSC “Chain of Custody” manufacturer. We worked with Smartwood, a Vermont-based certification provider for the international FSC organization, to set up systems to track certified lumber, veneers and panels from certified vendors through our manufacturing processes. Our CoC certificate number is SW-COC-002300.

The FSC trademark provides international recognition to organizations who support the growth of responsible forest management, and its product label allows consumers worldwide to recognize products that support the growth of responsible forest management worldwide.

We have been receiving an increasing number of requests for quotes for FSC certified furniture. WallGoldfinger has developed a network of vendors who can supply us with lumber, veneer and panels to construct our top of the line boardroom furniture to meet the FSC criteria. Contact our sales department for a quote for FSC-certified furniture.


Social Media

We are learning about the rapidly emerging social networks and the many ways they impact personal and corporate communication. In response to this, we have set up shop in the virtual world by establishing a Facebook page.

As we explore the world that Facebook offers, we will be introducing features, announce upcoming events and publications. Become a Fan of WallGoldfinger and follow us into another world.

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